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Atomic Solutions Sdn Bhd was established in collaboration with a group of technical & experienced engineers who are experts in industrial expectations & requirements. Our head office is based in Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia. We focus on the industrial market with expertise in hard disk, semiconductor, electronic, PCBA, automotive, general industry & microscopy imaging.

Who Needs Us



QA / QC / FA

Expertise & equipment for Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Failure Analysis.


Life Science

Technological approach to biological fields of microbiology, zoology, botany, ecology & more.


Material Science

Extensive solutions to areas related to physics, chemistry, engineering & industrial manufacturing processes.



Scientific applications to evidence & procedures in aiding criminal investigations.


Industrial & Electronic

Experts in high-tech industries: Aerospace, medical, security, transportation, telecommunication, electronic control systems & industrial instrumentation.


Semiconductor & Storage

Production of information storage components such as transistors & diodes for electronic devices.

Our Services provided


Systems upgrade on high precision equipment to maintain efficiency & performance

Industrial Automation / Custom Machines

Extend lifespan & safety of enhanced calibrated equipment with high quality preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance & Calibration

Cost efficient option to a full range of state-of-the-art technology

Equipments Rental

Detection & analysis of equipment failure

Failure Analysis Lab

Latest / Recent News


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

28 Apr
We would like to wish all our Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Phenom Pharos G2 Desktop FEG-SEM - Small But Unbelievable Performance!

16 Jul
NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHING The Thermo Scientific Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM brings field emission SEM to your tabletop. The Phenom Pharos G2 FEG-SEM will outperform many floor-stan [...]

Six Ways the Phenom Pro/ProX G6 Desktop SEM Can Accelerate Breakthrough Research

26 Jun
Six Ways the Phenom Pro/ProX G6 Desktop SEM Can Accelerate Breakthrough Research By Alexander Bouman   06.19.2020   As academic labs around the globe strive t [...]

New Product Announcement - Tedpella

26 Jun
Hi VIP; We are happy to announce that Tedpella has launch new products. Feel free to visit the link below or contact us for more details! https://www.tedpella.com/Newprod.ht [...]

Webminar for Principle of SEM and Technique for Sample Preparation

13 May
Dear VIPs; We will organise a webminar with the topic '' Basic Principle of Scanning Electron Microscope and the Sample Preparation Technique''. Please join Application Spec [...]

Special Promotion for Phenom TableTop SEM G5

6 May
Dear Value Customers,   LATEST NEWS Having problem on outsourcing for SEM work currently? No support? Now is time to own your SEM. No need to depend on other any longer [...]

The New Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM

6 May
New Phenom XL G2 Desktop SEM Improves Quality Control with Advanced Automation   Over the years, scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) have served as an important tool f [...]

Webminar for Microstructural Analysis - Microscopy Micro Hardness

29 Apr
Dear Value Customers; We will organise a webminar with the Topic : Microscopy Micro Hardness for Microstructure Analysis. Learn how the microhardness microscope help to exam [...]

Webminar for NEW Thermo Scientific Phenom XL G2 Introduction

17 Apr
Dear VIPs; We are organising a webminar to introduce our new product - Thermo Scientific Phenom XL G2. You are cordially invite to join the webminar. Date : 22 April 2020 Ti [...]

Histology Equipment & Supplies

14 Apr
Histology is the study of the microanatomy of cells, tissues, and organs as seen through a microscope. It examines the correlation between structure and function. Let s [...]

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