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FlowVIEW Aquarius Liquid Sample Tool for SEM

FlowVIEW Aquarius Liquid Sample Tool for SEM Sample Preparation Kit For Microscopy Other

The FlowVIEW Aquarius Starter Kit - Start a New Era of In-situ Liquid or Wet Sample in SEM


FlowVIEW spun off from ITRI National Measurement Laboratory. Having experienced exponential growth with their solid team members and devoted to developing more accurate and faster liquid inspection, they have since become the unrivaled system integrator.

FlowVIEW Tek offers a more competitive advantage by using the AI liquid inspection technology to observe sample’s physical and chemical properties, such as force, light, electronic, and magnetic properties without dilution or other tedious preparation.
The tool can analyze liquid samples and deliver instantaneous data such as size and shape distribution, concentration, aggregation and dispersity, composition, and other essential factors.


Left Image: Sample after dehydration (Aggregation) & Right image:Native-state SEM image of liquid sampple
The FlowVIEW Aquarius liquid Starter Kit are primarily developed for materials analysis and particle analysis applications. The three component sample chamber is easy to use with specially developed preparation tools and resembles an SEM specimen stub when prepared for use in the SEM.

With the used of FlowVIEW Aquirius Liquid Starter Kit, the imaging is performed through the silicon nitride window after mounted in the FlowVIEW Aquarius caps. The liquid sample chamber chip and window membrane which the materials of Si and Si3N4 are compatible with water, oil, solvent and other liquids.

The core technologies of Flowview Aquiris with transparent Si3N4 membrane for electron microscopy



The FlowVIEW Aquarius start kit include the following
  • 24 Microscopic Fluid Chips
  • 24 Micro-Channel Substrate
  • 24 Tips
  • 1 Adapter/ 1 O-Ring / 1 Tweezer
  • 1 Pipette/ 1 Acrylic Case with Holder
  • 1 Lite Software

The FlowView Aquiris Starter Kit for liquid and wet sample 

FlowVIEW Lite - The imaging analysis software

The FlowVIEW Lite image analysis software is included in the FlowView liquid sample starter kit

  • Easy operation with user friendly interface
  • Fully automatic image analysis with a single button
  • Fast analysis – typically within 1 minute for liquid sample images
  • Generate statistics like particle distribution, dispersity/composition, aggregation and etc

FlowVIEW Lite user interface and analysis



The Aquarius Starter Kit come with few options for different applications as below:
  • Standard for high Z maetrial or large particle size application - Aquarius membrane thickness 50 nm and observation windows of 150 x 150 um
  • Large windows for magnetic powder, EDS or low concertation application - Aquarius membrane thickness 30 nm and observation windows of 250 x 250 um
  • High magnification for small particle size, low z material or bio-related application - Aquarius membrane thickness 20 nm and observation windows of 20 x 20 um


The actual SEM image of CMP Slurry with Aquarius holder (Left: Ce02; Center: SiO2; Right: Al2O3)




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