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PELCO FlexScribe & FlipScribe Scribing Tool for Wafer

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PELCO FlexScribe & FlipScribe Scribing Tool for Wafer Instruments TEDPELLA

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The PELCO® FlexScribe™ (formerly from LatticeGear™) is a super-fast, simple method for downsizing wafers and samples by scribing on the topside. It uses a scribing wheel mounted to a sliding scribing mechanism that always makes a straight scribe. This system is used to scribe a wide variety of materials without restrictions on shape, including glass slides, coverslips, silicon, III-V, sapphire and other crystalline and brittle materials. It can address very small samples down to 5mm up to 200mm wafers for the #54340 model, and up to 300mm wafers for the #54342 model.
The standard tungsten carbide cutter installed on the PELCO® FlexScribe™ is great for a wide variety of samples including silicon, glass, GaAs and other crystalline materials. Diamond and deep-cutting scribing wheels are also available.


The PELCO® FlipScribe® (formerly from LatticeGear™) takes scribing to a new performance level, making clean, straight scribe lines on the back side to allow the user to accurately cleave front side targets, bonded wafers, glass, sapphire and other substrates. It integrates a robust diamond scribe into a sample platform with a fence guide design. The time required to align and scribe is about 1 minute. It allows users to accurately position the scribe mark relative to features on the front side, visualized either by eye or with a user-supplied high magnification microscope. The PELCO®FlipScribe® also offers a quick method for cleanly downsizing large area samples, by the use of a ''scribe stop'' which allows the operator to define the length of the scribe. The PELCO® FlipScribe®  is a compact, stable, accurate, fast and low cost scribing and cleaving solution suitable for any lab; no utilities are required for its operation.


Break down wafers

Cleave strips and dies

Cleave off crystal axis





Cleave glass and Sapphire

Cut coupons for section cleaving

Cleave irregular shapes


Features for FlipScribe:

  • Achieves an accuracy of ±200μm

  • Avoids damaging the front side of the sample

  • Maintains a flexibility with respect to sample size and shape

  • Allows the length of the scribe to be varied from 1 to 100mm

  • Enables precise and repeatable sample alignment and sizing with a ruler embedded in platform

  • Enables accurate cleaving through front side targets with a scribe made on the back side of the substrate

  • Retains a capability of scribing bonded crystalline and amorphous wafers and chips for subsequent cleaving

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