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108 Auto Sputter Coater

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108 Auto Sputter Coater Instruments TEDPELLA


The 108 Auto Sputter Coater is ideally suited for high quality coating of non-conducting samples for standard SEM imaging. The added functionality of the automatic features enable fine grain coating on a range of samples with a choice of target materials. The automatic purge and leak functions together with the optional MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller offer consistent thickness for optimized conductive coating results. Cool, fine-grain sputtering is achieved with a very efficient low voltage DC magnetron head. The quick change target method allows a range of metals to be used.


  • The 108 Auto Sputter Coater offers the choice of fully automated or manual operation. The specifications also include automatic vent (with a choice of vent gas) and argon purge control.

  • In automatic mode, the coater can be controlled in two ways. The digital timer can be used to give repeatable coatings or the MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller (optional) can be used to terminate the sputtering process at the desired thickness. Alternatively, the MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor (optional) may also be used for manual termination.

  • The digital sputter current control is fully independent of the argon gas pressure in the sputtering chamber to achieve consistent sputtering rates and optimum specimen coverage.

  • The efficient DC magnetron operates on a low voltage for ''ultra-cool'' sputtering to avoid effects on sample surface.

  • Separate electronic valves for leak, purge and vent, coupled with a precise needle valve, ensures quick and easy operation.

  • Quick target change allows for a range of materials used: Au, Au/Pd, Pt, Pt/Pd (Au fitted as standard).

  • The 108 Auto Sputter Coater can be factory fitted or retrofitted at any time with our Prod. No. 93007, MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller (optional).



Chamber size:

120mm OD x 120mm height (4.75 x 4.75'')


Au fitted as standard, Au:Pd, Pt, Pt:Pd optional; 57mm dia x 0.1mm thick

Sample table:

Holds 12 SEM pin mounts; Height adjustable through 60mm

Sputter supply:

Microprocessor based, safety interlock, variable, 40mA maximum
Programmable digital control

Sputter head:

Low voltage ''ultra-cool'' planar magnetron
Quick target change
Wrap-around dark-space shield

Analog metering:

Vacuum Atm - 0.001mb

Thickness monitoring:

Use automatic terminating MTM-20 High Resolution Thickness Controller
or MTM-10 High Resolution Thickness Monitor (manual terminating)

Control method:

Automatic operation of gas purge and leak functions
Automatic process sequencing
Full manual override
Precision needle valve
Digital timer (0-300 sec) with pause
Automatic vent

Desktop system:

Vacuum pump is mounted on desktop compatible anti-vibration table
All metal integrated coupling system



100-120 or 200-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
(specify on order)


500VA (coater and pumping system #7010 together)

Argon gas:

Purity, min. 99.99%
Working pressure 5-6 psi (0.4 bar)
Hose connection, 6.0mm (1/4'')



 (Height: 280mm)

1. Control unit
2. Vacuum chamber
3. Thickness monitor
4. Rotary pump
5. Anti-vibration base

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